Top Instagram Tools That You Should Be Using

Instagram is more than just a way to pass time casually. It’s an extremely powerful platform business owners can use to market to people everywhere.

Instagram is a huge opportunity for brands to get their products in front of people and find new customers. Without the proper tools, it can be hard to get good results. Getting in touch with influencers and Instagram ads are effective but there are tools you can use to use be even more successful.

Getting free followers for Instagram can be hard, however, here’s a top-notch list of apps that will drive more visitors to your business and set it apart from the rest.

Let’s begin.

Taking amazing pictures might seem like a difficult project, especially without professional training or a fancy camera. Loading your Instagram feed with striking visuals that demonstrate the value of your brand’s products and its identity is one of the most important components of having an effective presence on the app.

However, you can still make great content for Instagram even if you’re not a professional photographer with just a few apps and your phone.

1. Snapseed


You can fine-tune your photographs with the photo editing app, Snapseed. Instagram’s filters restrict you to editing an entire photo at once, whereas with Snapseed, you can apply effects using a brush to perfect details in each picture.

One great feature Snapseed has is called, Stacks. This lets you save a template with groups of filters. The Stacks can be used for future pictures, so you have a consistent look in your entire feed, and you save time.


Instagram used to be at the bleeding edge of technology when it came to mobile photo editing, but it has been a while. For editing photos on-the-go, VSCO has become the reigning champ. VSCO should be used no matter what your Instagram strategy is.

This app takes your pictures to a whole new level with a ton of high-quality filters and an extensive editing suite. The possibilities are endless for creating custom photos and they will be in a league of their own when using VSCO. The app also has a large library of filters which can be purchased.

3. Canva


Whether you want to create images for your stories or feed, Canva will make them stand out. Level up your posts and get the attention of your followers by creating multi-image layouts, superimposing text and adding a wide variety of graphics.

With Canva, you can have your followers recognizing your content by sticking with a few consistent fonts and image formats.

Canva is available on its website and has apps for Android and iOS.

4. Afterlight 2

With dozens of textures, filters and frames, you get tons of options for perfecting your photos with Afterlight 2. This app also lets you work with different image formats and save your own filters. You can make your images really stand out with the typography tools too.

This is a must-have tool to make your pictures pop which is easy-to-use and has a straightforward and sleek design.

5. Repost for Instagram

repost for instagram

You don’t always need to be taking pictures for Instagram when you have a community of followers who posts user-generated content. Use this app to post curated images while giving credit back to the creator at the same time.

Repost is very simple to use to share other Instagram users’ images. On the post you are wanting to share, copy the Share URL and open the app on your phone. Repost will copy the description, add a credit to the image of the original poster, and you will be reposting in seconds.

6. PicFlow

PicFlow is useful when you want more videos on your feed but aren’t up to filming something. It makes slideshows using your pictures and the audio can be added and edited in the app. The timing can be controlled for the slideshow and to make things even more interesting, you could add images edited with other apps.

PicFlow is free for Android and iOS but it will have a watermark unless you upgrade it.

Get Started!

Now it’s time to start taking some amazing pictures and get them posted for your followers to see. Instagram is one of the most power platforms a business can use, with proper use and the right tools. Start improving your Instagram content today.

Relish Your Gaming Experience With The Top Game Server Hosting Providers

Web hosting service allows the website of individuals and organizations to get connected with the internet or the World Wide Web. There are numerous types of web hosting services provided by small and big companies. Hosting services have essential features namely:

  • Own domain name and e-mail features
  • FTP access
  • WordPress that acts as a website creation tool
  • Dedicated and shared IP addresses
  • Allotment of space
  • Privacy and security of the users

Game Server hosts

There are various top game server hosting providers in current times. The server or host that makes events in a multiplayer game possible is a game server. The clients are connected to the server to enjoy the accurate gaming version. The game server hosting service provider may have a dedicated server, listen server and peer to peer server to support different types of games. The server type makes the clients interact with games and remote players on the server. Game servers are designed uniquely to allow great gaming experience to the clients connected with them. The speed and storage mechanism is built to facilitate playing all types of games without any interruptions. Hosting service provider keeps on upgrading their servers to better serve their clients. Further in the article, one can read a few good companies to choose from.

game server providers

A list of game servers every gamer can rely upon

  • Survival Servers: The clients and the users have rated the company amongst the top game server hosting providers. The expansion and growth in the services of the company since its inception in 2012 is certainly a great proof. It is a known brand which provides full-fledged features to its users. It boasts of expanding its high-quality hardware services to multiple locations in just a few years. Customized In-house control panel was introduced by the company to deal with complex requirements of ARMA 2 and ARMA 3 mods. Multiple new games and global customer base made it possible for the team to frequently increase support technician staff.
  • Blue Fang Solutions: The user ratings and the global network speaks it all about the services of the company. The company is young but has veteran staff that has immense experience of working in hosting environments. The staff provides multiple support channels for its customers namely live-chat, e-mail and ticket system. They provide custom game server hosting according to the likes and recommendations of the clients. Latest elite hardware is deployed by the company is relied upon by the users. There are numerous sale programs released by the company to attract users with bonuses and coupon codes.
  • PingPerfect Hosting: The service provider offers over 90 hosting packages and 24/7 support to the users. The staff includes gamers, programmers, technicians and that is the reason they are well-versed with the requirements of other players. They provide premium web servers to the customer that has 1 GB web space storage and 10 GB bandwidth of traffic. The global network of the company spans in every continent, and instant services are provided to the users. The game servers certainly work on feedbacks and that is evident by the increase in the user base and ratings.
  • Game servers: The Company certainly is one of the fastest and the top game server hosting providers and has served millions of people in the gaming industry. There are features available with the service providers like no other company. There is a massive library of games, money back guarantees, 24/7 support and worldwide server hosting option make switching of locations feasible. The custom control panel is simple to manage and the user ratings certainly prove that they are satisfied by the hosting services of game servers. The website of the company also reveals numerous packages and it takes a few clicks to select a suitable package for the customers.
  • MultiPlay Game Servers: This game hosting provider is one of the oldest community servers and has continued to grow for a couple of decades. They have their own Hybrid Cloud and the gamers get round-the-clock support from the providers. The Hybrid cloud feature and dedicated metal servers make the company ahead of its competitors in multiple ways. MultiPlay services provide peak online experience to its customers and the team is very efficient to cater to the needs of the gamers. The updates, insights and releases of the company are easily traceable for the gamers through their company website.
game servers

The players consistently check for the newest edition of online games and are in constant need of top game server hosting providers. There is a plethora of options available in the market and depending on the area one resides, one can opt for the best company. The above companies are one of the most impressive hosting service providers that offer services at reasonable prices. But the users are free to choose one’s own preference and the play games one loves.…


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